Geoengineering / Weather Modification / Weather Warfare Introduction

An oceanic phytoplankton bloom in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Argentina.

An oceanic phytoplankton bloom in the South Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Argentina.

Geogengineering/Weather Warfare

The most effective global warming mitigation would be a non-regulatory “Manhattan Project” involving the spraying of reflective aerosol compounds into the atmosphere using commercial, military, and private aircraft. This would create a global atmospheric shield which would increase the planet’s albedo (reflectivity) using oxides of aluminum and barium and would introduce ozone-generation chemicals into the atmosphere. Perhaps one of the surprises of this analysis is the relatively low costs at which some of the geoengineering options might be implemented.

– Policy Implications of Greenhouse Warming: Mitigation, Adaptation, and the Science Bases, National Academy of Sciences, 1992

We’ve engineered every other environment we live in- why not the planet?

– Dr. Lowell Wood (aka “Dr. Evil”), Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, California

Control of space means control of the world. From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the Gulf Stream and change temperate climates to frigid.

– President Lyndon Baines Johnson, from Lyndon Baines Johnson, Master of the Senate.

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.

– Wolfgang Von Goethe


Dr. Eric Karlstrom

Dr. Eric Karlstrom

In 2011, I was invited to participate in a panel discussion at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco on the topic of “Man-made Climate Change in the Skies.” At that time, I put together a power point presentation (using the same title) that documents the history, patents and laws pertaining to geoengineering, weather warfare, and weather modification. I highly recommend that interested readers examine this power point presentation (in this section of the web site, see left sidebar menu). My conclusion in that presentation is that in many respects the fraudulent global warming scare is the cover story by which governments fund geoengineering and weather/space warfare programs and other black budget programs that have been ongoing for many decades. “My Conclusions” in “Man-Made Climate Change in the Skies” state:

1) Man-caused global warming is a propaganda fraud disproven by reality and the evidence. It serves several purposes, among them, the rational for implementing Plan A-type “remedies” (cut back “carbon emissions”) and Plan B-type “remedies” (geoengineering).

2) Though officially denied, geoengineering is our current reality. It is being implemented by governments, militaries, private corporations, and wealthy individuals. It has a long (over 60-year) history. It includes many local and large scale weather modification projects as well as weather and environmental warfare. These projects are currently unregulated and potentially threaten all life on earth. We citizens have not been informed of given our informed consent.

3) There needs to be full disclosure of geoengineering operations to the citizens of the United States and other countries.

4) National sovereignties should not be surrendered to the United Nations or some other international body with totalitarian aims.

Chemtrails (aka “Operation Cloverleaf”/”The Shield Project”), HAARP (High Active Frequency Auroral Research Project), and a vast variety of atmosphere- and space-based geoengineering and weapons systems are all part of this ongoing effort to re-engineer the atmosphere and the earth itself in order to assert military and economic dominance over the earth’s inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the record proves that our military/intelligence/government leaders are wont to implement the recommendations of crackpot scientists such as “Dr. Strangelove” (Dr. Edward Teller) and “Dr. Evil” (Dr. Lowell Wood), both of Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California.