Audio Interview – Bill Molina, Film-Maker

Bill Molina

He is the documentary film-maker of “Truth Be Tolled” ( which documents the struggles of Texas natives to protect and preserve Texas from the unwanted establishment of a huge network of toll roads (The Trans-Texas Corridor) which is being constructed by a Spanish firm (Centra) in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. Ultimately, the TCC is to be a major part of the NAFTA superhighway, the primary transportation artery through the proposed North American Union.

The Interview:

Bill Molina – 11/20/07 Interview:


Bill Molina- 11/20/07

“Truth Be Tolled” ( is a documentary about the TTC- Trans-Texas Corridor.  Texas is the “Normandy Beach,” the gateway, of the proposed NAFTA superhighway.  There are several major corridors.  Centra, a Spanish Corporation in Madrid, signed the contract on 3/11.  We are selling our public infrastructure to foreign interests; giving foreign private corporations the right to take people’s land away.  This extends rights of eminent domain to foreigners.  TTC-35 is a 20-lane toll road planned to run between Laredo, San Antonio, Dallas-Fort Worth.  In addition to roads and rail, the 1200 ‘ wide corridor would include water pipelines, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and telecommunications lines.   TTC 69 is in East Texas goes to Michigan near the present I-69.  This is a 4000 mile road, rail system that has a 1200-foot wide (= four football fields) footprint.  580,000 acres of land would be subject to eminent domain.  Whereas the present roads (already paid for by taxpayers) are free, the new roads are planned to be toll roads.  The price could be so high that most people could no longer afford to travel.  Senate 792, the Comprehensive Development Agreement- gives the foreign corporation carte blanche rights to the project and guarantees they will not have to compete with other companies.  Our government would make the loans to Spain.  The projected cost for the Texas part of TCC 35 is $105.6 billion.  In 2001, Proposition 15 in Texas (House Bill 3588 and 2702) allows for these corridors.  The corridors would split communities in half and destroy some of the richest farmland in Texas.  “Cross-roads of the Americas Plan” of Governor Perry in 2002 calls for “priority corridors.”  The corridors would displace over a million people.  The Texas Dept. of Transportation and U.S. Dept. of Transportation have backed this plan.  Rudy Guiliani’s lawfrim was involved with the planning.  Huge money is at stake.  The TCC is part of the integrated North American Union plan.   See

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