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Joan Veon

Joan Veon is a committed Christian who has attended over 100 United Nations and U.N.-related meetings all over the world.  She says she has seen world government in action and it is here, now.   In 1995, she estimated there were some 5,000 such meetings per year (or, on average, over 118 per day).  Today, she guesses there are probably twice that many.   Her books include The United Nations’ Global Straightjacket, Prince  Charles: the Sustainable Prince, Sustainable Development- the Great Lie of the 21st Century, and she her DVD is The World Government Connection.

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Joan Veon – 2/26/08

“Globalization” is all about tearing down the barriers between the nations and merging them into a one-world government.  A world parliament has been formed under the United Nations.   Why does it matter?  Under the U.S. Constitution, our rights come from God, they are inalienable, and can’t be taken away.  Our Republican government guarantees our individual liberties, our right to own property, and limited government.  The U.N. Charter, by contrast, says our rights come from government and that they are limited and can be taken away from us based on our behavior or speech.  Basically, it institutes a feudal/communist form of government.

Part of Joan’s awakening began in 1990, when she read Euroquake: Europe’s Economic Challenge Will Change the World, which made 100 predictions for the 1990s.  One prediction was that by 2000, the dollar, the euro, and the yen would be equal in value.  In 1995, she read that Congressman Jack Kemp proposed a regional currency for an integrated North American Union.  In the early 1990’s, Congress passed massive transportation bills, thus paving the way for the NAFTA superhighway, which would be a dominant feature of a North American Union.

At the 1992 “Rio Earth Summit” meeting, (the Rio Earth Summit) in Rio de Jainiero, Agenda 21 (U.N. Agenda for the Twenty-First Century) was set forth.  This is the radical environmental agenda for the earth.  The notion is that we, the people, are guilty for the environmental destruction of the earth.  Therefore, our numbers must be limited and we need to be regulated.  Now, the book of Genesis has been perverted such that the earth is dominant over man.  Their religion is worship of Gaia (mother earth).   At the meeting, all the (thousands of) NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) were well-versed and on-board with the new program.

Joan attended the 1994 UN meeting in Cairo, where the agenda was to reduce the population of the earth.   Of the 25,000 people who attended the Cairo meeting, about 5,000 were delegates from the 191 member nations, and the other 20,000 represented various NGOs.

The global governmental structure began with the tearing down of the economic barriers between the nations at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in 1944, where the World Bank and International Monetary system were established.  In 1945, the political barriers between nations began to fall when the United Nations was established. This created an international level of government.  In 1994, more economic barriers fell when the U.S. signed on to NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) and the WTO (the World Trade Organization), which basically instituted the rules of GATT, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.  The Republicans and Rush Limbaugh were responsible for launching the propaganda offensive which resulted in American acceptance of NAFTA and the WTO.

In 1998, Joan went to the founding meeting of the International Criminal Cour (ICC)t, which began the legal integration of the nations.  Y2K was a global ruse, managed on purpose to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.  It became the opportunity for the elite to wire all peoples together into a global electronic network.

Following 9/11, Joan spent 4 months reading countless media stories.  Her conclusion:  The purpose of 9/11 was to tear down the remaining barriers between the military and intelligence, thereby creating a global intelligence network that can share data.  The working center for this global intelligence network is Turin, Italy.  9/11 was also about taking away our rights to privacy.  In this phony “war on terrorism,” we are all treated like cattle and sheep.  The whole thing is a gigantic ruse.

The UN is the organizing principle behind world government.  Who is the power behind the UN?  After years of research, Joan has concluded that global government is run by a financial-economic alliance between the British Royal Family and the House of Rothschild.  The British Royal Family has mostly ruled the “civilized” world since 800 AD.  Prince Charles has been a major power player in setting up the Public-Private Partnerships (i.e., fascism) that have been instrumental in supporting the environmental agenda and “sustainable development.”   Britain’s Chattham House (the Royal Institute for International Affairs) published a 14-year retrospective report on the Rio Earth Summit, focusing on how to make gold out of green.

At the Cancun World Trade Organization meeting, Joan learned how Britain controls the UNand their many satellite agencies through their ex-colonies.  There are some 53 ex-British colonies now in the British Commonwealth.  Each gets one vote in the U.N.  So Britain can count on having 54 of a possible 191 votes, and thus, always has a voting majority in the U.N.

The U.N. recently declared its “trusteeship” over the “global commons,” i.e., its sovereignty over all the oceans and space.  The Law of the Sea (LOST) will one day be used to take control over all the oceans.

Smart Growth is identical to the U.N. Biodiversity Treaty.  It says the state will decide where people live.  The point is to remove people out of “core areas” and “buffer zones” and into small areas where they can be easily controlled.

When asked about U.N.-magnate, Maurice Strong, Joan responded that Strong has been the main character behind the selling out of the environmental movement.  He was the Secretary General of the 1st UN Earth Summit in Stockholm, Sweden (1972) as well as Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit (1992).  He founded UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program).  Strong came from poverty, never received a college education, and has been a puppet of the ruling elite.  He is a friend of Prince Charles and Prince Phillip, the latter of whom set up the World Wildlife Federation.  Strong’s aunt was a communist who had considerable influence in both communist Russia and communist China.  Today, he too is living in communist China, trying to make more billions by marketing a Chinese car to the West.

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